Creative and Cheap Anniversary Gift Ideas that Your Spouse will Love

Show your spouse how special they are with inexpensive anniversary gift ideas.

Married couples face many challenges in today's world. One of the most common challenges is financial well-being. The cost of living is higher than ever. Most couples, especially those in the early years of marriage live month to month on a budget. Therefore, it may not be financially possible to shower your spouse with an expensive anniversary gift. However, there are many alternatives to show your love on this special day.

When planning the anniversary gift that you will give your spouse, think of things that will touch their heart. There is no better way to show your mate how much they mean to you than recreating a special event that you shared together. Make reservations at the restaurant where you had your first date. Take her back to the very spot where you proposed. Rent a copy of the first movie that the two of you watched together. Think of something special that the two of you have done together and do it again.

If you are short on cash but full of creativity and love, try taking your spouse for a trip down memory lane. There is no better way to say I love you on your anniversary than with a book full of the memories that you have shared. Begin with photos of when the two of you were dating and continue all to the present. Include any vacations that you may have taken. Also add a few of your wedding pictures to the book. Ticket stubs or programs from events you have attended together are also great to add to the memory photos. Write short captions under the pictures to remind your spouse of the event. Add thought bubbles to suggest what the two of you may have been thinking.

Another thoughtful and inexpensive anniversary gift idea is a coupon book. Think of all of the chores that your spouse is responsible for carrying out on a daily basis. Print out some coupons offering to take these over for a day of their desire. Throw in a few luxury coupons such as a back or foot rub. Of course after giving the coupons, you must follow through and allow your mate to cash them in.

Remember that anniversaries are not all about buying expensive gifts for your spouse. They are about showing your mate how much he or she means to you. When trying to think of an anniversary gift idea, think of something that comes from your heart and not necessarily from your wallet.